About Us

Matvil Corporation was founded in 1994 as content provider for Pay TV systems in European hotels. During that time the company distributed content packages to 72 hotels. Currently the company provides content packages for linear and on demand viewing that supports rental, sell-through, ad-supported and subscription business models for multiscreen OTT.

What sets Matvil apart over twenty years of successful operation experience in Ethnic Content. Contracts with numerous ethnic content providers put Matvil in a unique position of being the only company in the field able to provide a vast variety of ethnic TV programming and movies to our partners. The ethnically based content will connect the traveler to their home TV programming and movies giving them a home feeling during the stay at the hotel.

Product & Services

  • TV Programming – Guests will be able to enjoy local television programming
  • VOD - Video On Demand (popular movie titles and adult entertainment
  • ETP - Ethnic Television Programming (ethnically based VOD and Live TV via IPTV)
  • Radio
  • Hotel Channel

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