Interactive media system

Our interactive media system is stress-free access to hotel services and entertainment for the hotel guests. It is enabling the hotel to provide all the necessities to its guests at a click of a button, streamlining the operations and adding value to the hotel.

It is accessible through TV sets in the rooms, with simple on-screen controls (keyboard is also provided). At login guests are greeted with a personalized welcome message, they can access hotel services, review their bill, find a local business and off course order Video-On-Demand, view TV programming or browse the internet.

Entertainment features & functions:

  • TV Programming – Guests will be able to enjoy local television programming. The list of channels may be changed dynamically by the hotel administration depending on the hotel preferences.
  • VOD - Video On Demand (popular movie titles and adult entertainment)
  • ETP - Ethnic Television Programming (ethnically based VOD and Live TV via IPTV)
  • Radio - Various Radio channels (English and ethnically based)
  • Hotel Channel - Information channel about the hotel amenities as well as info about local businesses.
  • Commercial Channel - A channel dedicated to promotion of the local businesses and attractions. This will generate additional revenue.
  • Internet Browser - Guests will be able to browse the internet (keyboards will be provided)
  • Ecommerce - Allows guest to make purchases from local business and attractions such as tickets to shows, theme parks, golf, flowers etc.

Hotel services

  • Personalised welcome message – When entering the system guests will be greeted by their names. The system will be connected to billing and will be able to retrieve the necessary information.
  • Emergency Service - Guests will be informed about emergency situations, hotel procedures and emergency exits. The TV will turn on automatically and inform guests about the emergency. It is an important feature for guests with hearing problems.
  • Hotel messages – Important messages for the guests from the hotel administration or the front desk. Messages can be sent to a group or individual guests.
  • Guest communications - Guests will be able to send messages to other rooms and to the front desk
  • 5Hotel Services - Guests will be able to place orders and reservations for the hotel services, such as:
    • Room Service
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry pick up
    • Wake-up call
    • Restaurant reservations
    • Request taxi
    • Tech support
    • Review billing
    • Express checkout
  • Information kiosk – Information kiosk installed in the Hotel lobby, providing all the Hotel services information available in the system (Optional). Guests will also be able to access the guide to local businesses and attractions.
  • Mobile access - All hotel services are accessible through guests’ mobile devices for the duration of their stay.

Other features:

  • Universal programming guide
  • Universal TV and Video archive catalogue
  • Matvil’s own unique system of the low capacity Internet channel management allows delivering high quality video through narrow and mostly overloaded Hotel networks.
  • The Hotel guests are operating within a web interfaces branded to match the look and feel of the host Hotel.

Internet channel management system

Though most of the modern Hotels are equipped with local area networks and appropriate routers but the amount of data transmitted by the video providers overwhelms even the most advance network equipment. Therefore, Matvil created a proprietary Internet channel management system that manipulates the capacity of the channels available on the most sophisticated way so that the Hotel guests can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted flow of high quality video constantly.